Our Team

Our team is made of talent young people who have developed this product from A-Z. We stress the importance of creativity in this market and we have tried our best to keep our product(s) up to the technical edge meeting the expections of our customers.
Our team is: Made up from 10 people with combined experience of 90 years. worked in more than 40 different companies and helped build and market products in those companies. Young, passionate and engaged.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide the customer with the best product that meet its needs, prove to be robust and bring an added value through advertising and marketing. We also thrive to always improve our product technically and commercially.
We are always trying new technologies to improve the speed/range of the device. We are always also trying to make the device smaller and more intuitive to run and maintain. Because of the quality of our products and the support we give to our customers, we are one of the leaders in this business and we intend to stay there.


This Project has been incubated in FasterCapital.